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I believe a brand's online presence is just as important as it's physical presence and should receive the same care and attention from any marketing department. The physical and digital worlds should work together to create a cohesive experience owned fully by the brand. As a consumer navigates from a Google search to a website to a physical location to an Instagram account, they should be pulled deeper into the experience and recognize the brand without even seeing the name.

I enjoy the constant evolution of the digital landscape and I am enthralled by the intersection of online and offline activities. I enjoy a work environment that is chaotic, nimble and ripe with opportunity, just like the digital market itself.  

I am a passionately curious individual who loves to explore exotic cuisine, foreign cities and outlandish hobbies. Yet I reside in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia close to my family and friends.  

Please explore my site and let me know if you have any questions!

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