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ABOUT #PinkBeetle: The limited edition Pink Beetle was launched solely through social media channels with the campaign, #PinkBeetle. This cheerful video, accompanied by six GIFs and a teaser video, exceeded expectations by receiving over 5 million views across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and an overwhelmingly positive net sentiment of 96%. Watch to view the final product!


ABOUT Rival Road: This campaign strengthened the Jetta GLI's position as a performance model by pitting it against the better known Golf GTI. The execution bridged the online and offline worlds by first captivating an online audience with a video game and then allowing them to influence a live RC car racing event. Finally, a winner was chosen among the online audience to attend an enthusiast event where they met professional drivers, Tanner Foust and Scott Speed. The multifaceted campaign received an impressive 19 million impressions.  Watch for an overview of the campaign!